Old Man Kelly On the Road Again

Hi, all! Since I’ve had people trying to sign up for my e-mail list again, thinking they must have missed something, I suppose an update is in order. When you last heard from me via e-mail, it was March and I was about to embark on my spring tour of the northeast US. I had a really terrific time catching up with my dear friends from The Don’t Tell Darlings and playing a reunion show with them before setting off on a series of solo house concerts. Aside from running afoul of a blizzard in Burlington, the rest of the tour was an amazing series of interactions with small living room audiences. If I could spend all of my time touring doing exactly that, I would. To everyone who hosted shows and came out to shows, thank you all SO MUCH.

In July, I did a different sort of tour – I flew to Belize to play a few gigs in Placencia, a small beach town on the Caribbean coast. That trip was organized by Bookbag Santa, a charity group out of Roanoke VA that brings school supplies to needy schools in Belize. I snorkeled with sharks by day and played guitar by night in support of their trip, donated my guitar to a local Garifuna school, and then set off for a week of solo travel across the rain forests and Mayan ruins. So if my gig calendar has appeared a bit scarce the last month, I have a good excuse.

But now I’m back in the saddle through the end of the year. I’ll be doing another short tour in October down the North Carolina coast, courtesy of the Down East Folk Arts Society, so if you know folks in that part of the state, send ’em my way. I’ve also got a few dance calling dates (both squares and contras) between Blacksburg and Roanoke, and a pile of the usual brewery, festival, and restaurant gigs. See the schedule below for the full list, but also follow the Facebook page and other social media via the links below, as new gigs tend to get added last minute.

Right now, my gig calendar runs to the end of 2017. For at least the first part of 2018, I’m planning to take a break from gigging to do some traveling and to write and record some new material. So, while you can:

Get Off My Lawn! And come out to a show!