Old Man Kelly March 2017 Tour

It’s nearing spring time here in the Central Appalachians, and Old Man Kelly is taking the show on the road in March to bring a bit of southern respite to my northern friends and neighbors. If you live in NY, VT, MA, NH, or DC, check out the schedule below to see when I’ll be visiting your neck of the woods. I’ll be kicking off the tour in Potsdam, NY with a reunion show with my old friends and bandmates from The Don’t Tell Darlings. Then I’ll be winding my way southward with the one-man-band solo show. Most of these dates are house con2017-03-tourcerts rather than public venues, so make sure to RSVP with me or the house concert host to get details and directions. I’ve got a lot of old friends throughout the Northeast US, and I’d love to see as many of them as I possibly can. Feel free to share and invite a friend!

Also, in case you missed it, make sure to check out the video for “Jesus Is My Co-Pilot“. We had a blast shooting it around Eggleston, VA back in the fall, and I’ll immensely happy with how it turned out. Jesus, the Devil, and a 1993 Chevy Van: what could possibly go wrong?

I’ve always got a pile of other live dates shuffling their way on to my calendar, so follow the Facebook page and/or web site to stay up to date. I’ll be posting tour photos via Instagram, as well, so look for that over the next couple of weeks. And as ever: get Off My Lawn. And come out to a show!