Swing Into Spring with Old Man Kelly

Swing Into Spring with Old Man Kelly!

Well, folks, I think we made it.  At least here in the Blue Ridge Mountains, it finally smells like mud again.  This winter wasn’t easy, but it was productive. I’ve got most of the next album written, in between pushing piles of snow around the drive.  I’m hoping for a fall release of the new record, tentatively titled “Get Off My Lawn”, but a lot of things need to happen between now and then.  Stay posted for your chance to participate!

In the mean time, the show must go on.  Some highlights:

For the swing dancers among you, I’ve got a few gigs posted with Old Man Kelly and the Streetsweepers.  In particular, we’ll be playing a 50s sock hop at the Blacksburg YMCA this Friday night.  Swing on, friends, swing on.  You can also catch us at Mingle At the Market later this summer, and Bent Mountain Bistro a few times in the next year.

On the heels of the very successful first Floyd Family Dance, I’ve got some great dance calling gigs coming up, including visits to Louisville, KY and a return to Nashville, TN.  I’m also doing a bunch of dance calling at various weddings this summer, stretching from central Virginia down to South Carolina. You should consider getting married, so I can bring a great party to you and your loved ones.  Or just throw a great party and invite me.  I’m not fussy.

Finally, I’ve got a few dates on the calendar sitting in with my old pals from Welcome to Hoonah.  Because a pedal steel guitar is a terrible thing to waste.

The full calendar for the next couple of months is below.  See the web site and Facebook page for times and details.  Get off my lawn.  Come out to a show. You know the drill.

  •       Fri 4/3/2015: Blacksburg Swing Dance, Blacksburg, VA (Old Man Kelly and the Streetsweepers)
  •       Sat 4/4/2015: New River Valley Jamboree, WNRV 990AM
  •       Sun 4/5/2015: Floyd Country Store Jam, Floyd, VA (The Hoyt Street Hotshots)
  •       Thu 4/9/2015: 7 Minutes In Heaven, Blacksburg, VA
  •       Fri 4/10/2015: Due South BBQ (with Bob Chew), Christiansburg, VA
  •       Sat 4/11/2015: Our Daily Bread, Blacksburg, VA
  •       Thu 4/16/2015: Louisville Old Time Square Dance (Dance Calling), Louisville, KY
  •       Sat 4/18/2015: Old School Farm Dance (Dance Calling), Nashville, TN
  •       Mon 4/20/2015: WDVX Blue Plate Special, Knoxville, TN
  •       Sat 5/2/2015: Private Event, Dublin, VA
  •       Fri 5/8/2015: Due South BBQ, Christiansburg, VA (with Bob Chew)
  •       Sat 5/9/2015: Aqueous Festival, Roanoke, VA (Welcome to Hoonah)
  •       Sat 5/9/2015: Dogtown Roadhouse, Floyd, VA (Welcome to Hoonah)
  •       Thu 5/14/2015: Southeast Regiona Folk Alliance (Montreat, NC)
  •       Thu 5/21/2015: Dogtown Roadhouse, Floyd, VA
  •       Sat 5/30/2015: Bent Mountain Bistro, Bent Mountain, VA (Old Man Kelly and the Streetsweepers)
  •       Wed 6/10/2015: Mingle at the Market, Blacksburg, VA (Old Man Kelly and the Streetsweepers)
  •       Wed 6/10/2015: Market Square Jam, Blacksburg, VA (Hoyt Street Hotshots)
  •       Fri 6/12/2015: Due South BBQ, Christiansburg, VA (Bob Chew)
  •       Sat 6/13/2015: Private Event, Floyd, VA
  •       Thu 6/18/2015: Due South BBQ, Christiansburg, VA (Bob Chew)
  •       Sat 6/20/2015: Masonic Amphitheatre, Clifton Forge, VA (Welcome to Hoonah)
  •       Sat 6/27/2015: Private Event, Laurel Fork, VA