Happy 2015 From Old Man Kelly

The New Year is always a time for looking back and looking forward, and I do as much of that as anyone.  Looking back, 2014 was a year of major transitions for me.  Upon realizing that I’ve done over 200 shows in the last two years, I had to admit that what I’m doing isn’t a hobby.  It’s a job.  And if it’s going to be a job, I need to give it the time to do it well.  So I’ve scaled back my day gig to make room for it.  I’m still riding an office chair three days a week, and devoting the rest of my days to the business of booking, writing, and practicing this music that I love so much.  And I offer my endless thanks to everyone who’s with me on this crazy ride, whether they be fellow musicians, dancers, booking contacts, DJs, or listeners.  We’re all working together to make people’s lives just a little bit richer through music, and I’m honored to have a hand in it.

Looking forward, 2015 already promises some good things.  A few highlights:

For the dancers out there, I’ve got a number of dance calling gigs coming up in the next few months:

1/10 – Floyd Contra Dance, Floyd, VA (with band Wheelhouse)
2/7 – Blacksburg Square Dance, Blacksburg, VA (with band Billy Couteau)
2/21 – Old School Farm Dance, Nashville, TN
4/16 – Louisville Square Dance, Louisville, KY (with band The Monks)
4/18 – Old School Farm Dance, Nashville, TN

Also, keep an eye out for an as-yet-unannounced old time square dance at the Floyd Country Store in February.

For the swing and blues dancers, Old Man Kelly and The Streetsweepers will be at Bent Mountain Bistro in Bent Mountain, VA on 1/16.

I’ve also got the usual full plate of solo shows and cameo gigs with some other great bands and musicians; see below for the full schedule.

Finally, I’ve been putting together the songs for my second full-length Old Man Kelly album.  Recording will start in the next couple of months, and I’m hoping to have the album out this fall.  Keep your ear to the ground for details!

Thanks as always, and hope 2015 is full of hijinks and shenanigans.  Get off my lawn!  Come out to a show!

Fri 1/9/2015: Due South BBQ (with Bob Chew)
Sat 1/10/2015: Floyd Contra Dance (Dance Calling), Floyd, VA
Thu 1/15/2015: Due South BBQ (with Bob Chew), Christiansburg, VA
Thu 1/15/2015: Blacksburg Old-Time Jam (with the Hoyt Street Hotshots), Blacksburg, VA
Fri 1/16/2015: Bent Mountain Bistro (with Old Man Kelly and the Streetsweepers), Bent Mountain, VA
Sat 1/17/2015: Our Daily Bread, Blacksburg, VA
Sat 1/17/2015: Gillie’s, Blacksburg, VA
Sat 1/24/2015: The Cellar (with Welcome to Hoonah), Blacksburg, VA
Thu 2/5/2015: The Cellar, Blacksburg, VA (The Dirty Hairies)
Sat 2/7/2015: Blacksburg Square Dance (Dance Calling), Blacksburg, VA
Fri 2/13/2015: Private Event (with The Streetsweepers), Blacksburg, VA
Thu 2/19/2015: Due South BBQ (with Bob Chew)
Fri 2/20/2015: The Office, Chattanooga, TN
Sat 2/21/2015: Old School Farm Dance (Dance Calling), Nashville, TN